The Privileged Life: A Word for Year 2021

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

I just reviewed my post from the beginning of 2020, wondering what I said 52 blogs ago. My tone for the new decade was optimistic, enthusiastic, promising!*

But here we are, one year later, looking back at 2020 in the rearview mirror…as if we’re leaving the scene of a tragic wreck, wondering what went wrong, having that metallic taste in our mouths from getting broadsided.

Last year’s resolutions were pretty much toast as the world careened into lockdown mode. This new year, 2021, has dawned with overcast skies…still shadowed by the relentless COVID reign of terror and unsettling national concerns. Resolutions now seem fruitless, pointless. Survival is the operative mode.

Sure, we have a glimmer of hope with the arrival of the vaccine. Quite a few of my friends and family have already received it, and I’m very grateful.

But can we be optimistic about 2021? Where do we go from here? How do we find the energy and purpose to forge ahead in seeking first the kingdom of God?

I’ve read lots of messages about choosing one word or one Bible verse to adopt as a “theme” for an entire year. It’s a great way to focus on one aspect of a mission, dwelling on one particular concept to integrate it into our character or ministry. 

Lofty words like “hope,” “outreach,” “enough,” or “focus” seemed to be popular choices in the past. Perhaps they served you well in 2020…despite Merriam-Webster’s end-of-year announcement that “pandemic” was actually the most-used word.1

So, what do we choose now for 2021? What’s on your heart as you enter this year, perhaps with some trepidation?

If you’re still looking for that perfect thought, Dayspring (well-known for greeting cards) has created a website quiz to inspire you with the overarching question, “Who is God calling you to be in 2021?” Choose options from seven statements, and at the end, you’ll be given a word to embrace for the coming year:

Mine turned out to be “overcome”…not a bad word as I mull over the launch of a new project. Maybe I’ll tack it on my bathroom mirror so I can face my fears and anxieties head-on…knowing God has already overcome any circumstances that would hinder His purposes for my life. 

Whatever you choose for your word or theme Scripture for 2021, you can rest assured in this—God has a pathway laid out for you, and He will walk beside you the entire way. It’s simply your role to step out in faith and hang on…His steadfast grip of grace will keep you in His hands, no matter what lies ahead. You can rest in His love and the truth of His words.

Father, You are the author of everything—You spoke the entirety of creation into existence with Your word. Give us new words, new vision, new purposes for 2021, to make us Your servants to others. Let us not grow weary in doing good but follow Your path in the light of Christ. In His name and for His glory this year, Amen.

*If you want to read my last year’s blog, here ’tis:


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3 responses to “The Privileged Life: A Word for Year 2021”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Nancy! Another great post.

    Of course I had to immediately go to the website to see what word I got. Mine is “connect”. Since my main focus this year is to promote my new book and its message of removing the clutter to focus on our walk with God, this seems appropriate!


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