ACITD Kindle CoverA Crocus in the Desert: Devotions, Prayers, and Stories for Women Experiencing Infertility

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If you struggle with childlessness…infertility…miscarriage…abortion…you are not alone. Mayo Clinic estimates that 10 to 18 percent of couples have difficulty conceiving and/or carrying a pregnancy to delivery. That puts you among one-in-ten to one-in-six women around you.

This Christian book offers hope and encouragement to women who are overwhelmed by anguish, guilt, and isolation as they cope with longing for motherhood:

  • Devotions and prayers, along with stories from those who have suffered childlessness
  • Support and solace as you tread through medical treatments, grief, and disappointment
  • Life lessons from faithful women of the Bible, Scripture verses of hope
  • Ways to overcome the embedded sense of failure and guilt
  • Reassurance that God hears your prayers and has a plan for your life

 This book is specifically written for you if—

  • You have a strong desire for motherhood but haven’t experienced it as you wish.
  • You need to hear the voices of other Christians who have gone through this experience.
  • You are a medical professional, counselor, or family/friend to someone who is having difficulty having children.
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