The Privileged Life: Marriage

“This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem!” (Song of Solomon 5:16b)

Today is our 30thwedding anniversary!! What an extraordinary privilege it is to have a joyful marriage. It hasn’t always been a mountaintop experience (we’ve had our share of valleys), but if I had to do our wedding day all over again, I wouldn’t have walked down the church aisle so slowly and decorously—I would have catapulted myself straight into his arms!

A good marriage is one that has friendship at its core—Mark is my very best friend. Marriage at its greatest, though, is a companionship of purpose. It is designed and instituted by God for His plans—for a man and woman to work in harmony together to glorify Him, not themselves. A Christian marriage should reflect the unity of the Trinity and the mystery of the love between Christ and His church.

If you’re married, seek the blessing of God in your marriage. You are a team that God has put together. God wants you to be “happy and holy,” the way Adam and Eve were created. And even though we won’t ever achieve it fully here on earth, we can definitely be happier and holier in loving Him together in our marriages. God wants you to work on building a marriage with walls that shut out the noise from the world, walls that are strong from attacks by outsiders who seek to pull you two apart.

If you’re not married but desire to be, pray that God will send you a spouse who is faithful first to Him and then to you. I was single for a long time before meeting Mark and understand that it can be hard at times. Pray, too, for contentment and purposeful living as a single person.

Father God, I praise You for creating the institution of marriage. I bless You for being the Author of good marriages and the Perfecter of faith in marriage. You are love. Give us Your strength, power, love, patience, and kindness to be Christ-like in our relationships. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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