The Privileged Life: Fireworks…and Angels


“For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

Thanks to local American communities and sponsors, we have the free privilege of celebrating every Fourth of July with public fireworks displays—lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs” as fiery lights awe us in the darkened sky. And thanks to local vendors (here in the South, we tend to have alliterative names for them—like Wild Wilma’s, Joker Joe’s, and Sad Sam’s), we can buy a whole yard-ful of fun in a single box.

The real credit, though, goes to China for figuring out centuries ago how to propel explosive materials into the air. They originally believed that the fireworks would scare off evil spirits (thus ensuring a longer life) and bring luck and happiness. But I believe it was more than just “good luck” that we experienced last Christmas in our own display….

I gained a new respect for pyrotechnics as we hauled out our stash of minor munitions for the benefit of our ten great-nephews and great-nieces. The first fanfare, a large cylinder with about seven different tubes of colorful rockets, went off great with applause and cheers. Cute little paper tanks buzzed around on the driveway to the delight of the boys. Firecrackers popped and sizzled around us, and glow bracelets charmed the little ones.

Then, disaster (almost) struck. Our second big cylinder of airborne explosives started off fine, but somehow it tipped over horizontally halfway through. Rockets went whizzing past our faces and exploding behind us, sending us into fits, screams, and falling over each other. By the grace of God (I really think His angels were running interception), none of us were injured. And we learned the important lesson about anchoring things to the ground before lighting them.

So, thanks be to God that we didn’t have anyone sent to the ER on Christmas evening with burns. We can thank Him, too, for sending His angels to fight off evil forces in the spiritual realms (instead of depending on fireworks). And thanks be to Him, who brings us all the privileges we need, including joy and abundant life! That’s worth celebrating! Boom!

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