The Privileged Life: Cotton

IMG_8038So what’s the big deal about cotton? If you’ve lived in the deep South, you get it. It’s KING…sort of like Elvis. And even though soybeans, rice, and other products have encroached on its territory, it’s still a pretty important crop today.

More than just a source of income, though, it’s a creature comfort for us Southerners. Cotton is the best thing to wear in the heat…nothing keeps your skin cooler. All-cotton sheets have the most wonderful, silky-soft fibers to soothe you into a deep sleep. Keep your rayons and polyesters…I’ll take the privilege of wearing a cotton shirt, cotton nightgown, or cotton dress anyday.

Just as comfortable clothes and surroundings add peace to our lives, the Holy Spirit serves as a Comforter. When Christ was approaching His death and resurrection, He promised to send His fearful followers a “paraclete,” from a Greek word meaning literally, “a person called in to help.”

The Holy Spirit, an integral part of our triune God with the Father and Christ, is a Person whose purview encompasses comfort, gifts, life breath, truth, guidance, inspiration, strength, and more. He gives us comfort in our sadness, consolation in our trials and conflicts, and reassurance in our fears. He stands with us, to keep us from succumbing to the despair of suffering.

Next time you pull on a cotton T-shirt, thank God for the privilege of the soft natural fibers He created. And thank the Holy Spirit for His gifts of comfort, love, joy, and peace.

Holy Spirit, what a privilege to come to You for comfort. Bless us today with Your presence, and uphold us when we are sad or discouraged. Be our Helper, and lavish upon us Your spiritual gifts that will bless others. In Your comforting name we pray, Amen.

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