The Privileged Life: Snowflakes

IMG_7605“God thunders marvelously with His voice;He does great things which we cannot comprehend.For He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’”…Job 37:5-6a

Okay, I know you folks up North aren’t as thrilled by snow as much as we are down South, especially by this late date, but every snowflake is a wonder here. Snows in March are particularly noteworthy, and this morning’s brief flurries were pleasant to behold (they didn’t stick around long enough to become annoying).

Each snowflake is unique and yet uniform in having a triangular or hexagonal format—so much originality within such limitations. Each is a miniature masterpiece from heaven’s Great Artisan…just astounding to behold. And while crystalline clear, together they blanket our planet in white purity and silent beauty.

If you’re bone-tired of winter weather and anxious for a breath of spring, try a different approach: be thankful for the small blessings of the moment. Even in the midst of a rut, there is something to enjoy, something to relish. Remember…snowflakes mean it’s not yet mosquito season! And spring IS just around the corner!

Master Creator, thank You for the beauty of snow. Thank You for the reminder that you have washed us whiter than its pristine purity by the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for making all things beautiful in Your time. In Your exalted name, Amen.

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